Blog from September, 2021

2 karabiners (one with tape on it) found below Right Tower at the Panopticon yesterday (Tuesday 28th Sept). Post a contact if they are yours, will arrange to get them  back to you.

BTW, the falcons may be nesting again further up the valley - we have put up the "Climbers please keep out" sign as usual,  and ask climbers to avoid that area (left hand end) of the crag for the next few weeks.

Please post your questions here.

We'll collate your questions. What we can't answer this evening we will address at a future forum.

CCt Forum

Hi folks, the CCT will be holding a couple of forums in the next week to discuss some important developments for Tasmanian climbing.  Please come along and join the discussion.  If you can't make either of these events there will be more coming up. 

 11/9/21 Beta Park (Launceston) 8.30am to 10am